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Randall Hamlin

Local News

The Breaker Boys

Drama Queen

Flowers and Rainbows

Yard Sale

Who Killed Gary Miller

She Could Outrun Lightning

I Always Wanted to be an Astronaut

I Know the The Man Upstairs

Randall Hamlin

My Glass Head 7inch vinyl

500 copy vinyl 7inch record

My Glass Head

Your Double Helix

Randall Hamlin

Keep the Faith

Keep the Faith

Randall Hamlin

Strange Aura

Recordings between 2009 and 2012

I Give


Lady MacBeth Died of a Broken Heart

Pass It On

I Revolve Around the Sun

I Think I Saw an Angel

Your Double Helix

The Funner Hoag

Got To Get a Mojo

Released in 2000 on CD-R only

Got to Get a Mojo

Pirates Mailbox

Cousin Roy

Stuck it to me Now

The Funner Hoag

Randy Hamlin

Mood Swings

Released in 1991 on cassette only, Mood Swings is a collection of low-fi analog noise, ambience, and experiments. Influences include Pink Floyd and Brian Eno.

Mood Swings: a. Total Confusion

Mood Swings: b. Anger

Mood Swings: c. Depression

Mood Swings: d. Manic Depression

Mood Swings: e. Inspiration

Indian Backdrop

Music: 21st Century

The Well Traveled Road to Hell

Inner Space

The Paisley Gray

Paisley Grey

Released in 1989 on cassette only

Green Be Gray

All For Love

Color Blind



The Sun The Wind

Gray Blues

As I Wait

Teddy Bear Blues

Let the Heavens Fall