I Always Wanted to Be an Astronaut


Here in the foundry
Four walls surround me
I'm just a prisoner doing time
It's the same routine
I run the same machine
At least it's not the unemployment line

I spend my evenings counting cars
When I could be out there counting stars

I'm prone to daydreaming
When I feel those walls closing
I think about what could have been
If I could be anything
I'd bide my time on the wing
And sail beyond what we can see
You wouldn't believe me
I always wanted to be an astronaut

But I'm just a nobody
I'm just a number
The cards were stacked against me from day one
I could've been somebody
I could've been someone
Strap me in and send me to the Sun

Wave to all the earthlings on TV
Splashdown in the deep blue sea

An unrelenting juggernaut
No second chance or second thoughts
I'm ready for infinity
I hear that voice counting down
Will this thing get off the ground?
My heart is pounding electricity
Set me free oh set me free
I always wanted to be an astronaut

Hey down there! Do you remember me?
I'm feeling fine to zero-g
Out here on the edge of space
I can meet my maker face to face
And ask him questions that have perplexed me for years
I don't mean no disrespect
But the human race sure has made a mess
What did you expect?

Supersonic flashlight
Something doesn't feel right
I guess I just may be marooned out here all night
But that's alright
I always wanted to be an astronaut