Keep the Faith


The crowd outside has gathered
The banners wave in flight
You've trained to go the distance
And your here to win the prize
If you need some reassurance
On the call to take your mark
Put fear and doubt behind you
The Word of God remind you

Fight the good fight
Keep the faith
There'll be ceremony and fanfare
When you finish the race
Take a deep breath...exhale
Take comfort in the truth that
Goodness will prevail

The world will be against you
And try to knock you down
They'll cut in from all directions
Just to watch you hit the ground
Take strength in what he's taught you
In your weakness he is strong
The Word of God revive you
The Word provide and guide you

Run and you will not stumble

Out on the horizon
Beyond the finish line
Out there in the distance
A silhouette in the sunshine
With miles and trials behind you
With open arms in view
The Lord is there to meet you
The Lord is there to greet you

Truth is you've already won
Your crown's in the hand of the Son

Keep the faith