I Think I Saw an Angel


The room was vibrant and resonanting
As she stood before me radiant
And the world around disolved while she was there

I was taken back and suprised
It was like she just materialized right before my eyes
Right out of thin air

Well I don't know if she was aware
I tried my best not to stare
As her sweet melody filled the air

I think I saw an angel

Her song was soulfull and sincere
The waves of sound caressed my ears
And I'll try my best somehow to explain

There was so much beauty in your song
No words can found in the lexicon
To describe what I have etched now in my brain

It was supernatural and surreal
It made me wonder
It made me feel like I was not alone 'cuase she was here
Then in a blink she had disappeared

I think I saw an angel

I think I saw an angel
Her song carried me away
I think I saw an angel
And this is what she sang
She sang 'Love!'

Science seeks some rational
The skeptics claim there ain't no how
And all my friends have disavowed me

Scholars contemplate just what it means
The clergy debate the theology
There's been no evidence to incriminate me up to now

Some write it off as just a dream
And I don't expect them to believe
But you can take my word on this sight unseen

I think I saw an angel

Now marketeers and profiteers
Have come to sell their souvenirs
On the very spot where she appeared that day

Their clientel line up and stand
With credit card and cash in hand
To buy an idol and a Cafe au lait

Their selling glossy new age magazines
And made in China figurines
That look strangly like Gwen Stefani

I think I saw an angel