Flowers and Rainbows


Flowers and rainbows are the farthest things from her mind
Work and family take up all of her time
Flowers and rainbows wait for her beyond window blinds
But she too busy to let a little light in

Early rise at 6 am
Exercise and Raisin Bran
Her morning just began

Pull some clothes that she can wear
Make her face and do her hair
Off to the daycare

Staring out windows, she reminisces when she was young
She and Emily and all her friends having fun
Flowers and rainbows await for her at an open door
But she's got an appointment
First, the department store

A pair of shoes
A card for Kate
A cup of coffee would taste great
But she's running so late
A stack of dishes getting higher
A load of laundry in the dryer
But she's getting so tired

All this running around is adding to nothing
She's got lots of ambition but gets nowhere
But then it hit her:
Things have gotta change and it's gotta start right now
To change her condition she's gotta do something
So she calls up the boss and says she won't be in the office today

She hung up her career and put away the business casual
It can wait another day but what's her husband gonna say?
The kids are more important than business as usual

Tony agreed without a fight
The family budget will be tight
but they're gonna be alright

Flowers and rainbows
Flowers and rainbows
Flowers and rainbows