Drama Queen


I'm just a victim of bad karma
That's what you say
You act like everything's a trauma
Just to get your way
I'm tired of living your soap opera
It doesn't have to be that that
It's time to drop the melodrama

There's no cameras
There's no lights
I don't see the paparazzi
You don't have to live your life like a movie star on TMZ
A little advice
You don't need to be extreme
I'm just sayin'
You know what I mean?
You don't have to be a drama queen

I'm no emotional detective
I've got no PhD
You've gotta keep things in perspective
That's how I see it
Take a moment, be reflective
Don't text me OMG
Some time to chill could be effective

Drama queen you just want to be accepted
You conjure up commotion 'cause existence seems so empty
Everyone around you is asking, What's the deal?
I'm sure they all will like you but you gotta keep it real

You don't have to cause a scene
You don't have to be so mean
You don't have to be a drama queen