There's no lack of static
When what the world needs is to hear the pure tone
But just the thought of it is daunting
Well I can't do it on my own
He should and she should and I could and I would but hold on there's someone on the phone
We gotta think beyond ourselves
And we don't have to do it all alone

Come on plug me in
Get under my skin
Let me feel it
Send it down through the wire
Your signal is hot
Ready or not, light the fire

You sure are looking good and you should
You're wearing the latest trend
You're so comfortable and content
You stand apart and lament within your circle of friends
Meanwhile Kevin's reading Revelations
He's just waiting for the world to end
We gotta think beyond ourselves
I mean, come on, who's he gonna send?

Jesus lead on, lead on, lead on
In love, love, love
A little love can go a long way
But we need a little help from above
We gotta think beyond ourselves