Time to Mix it


Sun Jan 20, 2019

Drums are complex to work on. A basic kit has 5 drums plus hi-hat and cymbals. Each have their own characteristics to bring out. Each drum is mic’d plus you’ve got overhead mics picking up the cymbals, and room mics grabbing the entire kit. There’s a lot to listen to and balance.
I was able to get drums somewhat close to the sonics of In Utero but it does fall short somewhat. It\'s OK, move forward! I also used the intro of Joan Osborne’s - Dracula Moon to get a better balance between cymbals and drums plus that track has a big drum sound. I tried to give my drums some of that. 
After getting the drums overall mix sounding good I wanted to drums to feel bigger by wrapping them with some reverb. Native Instruments has room mics but it just doesn’t give you the feel of a drum being hit in the center of the stereo field and having the sound radiate outward.
Each song has a unique personally which sometimes requires a different reverb choice. Liquid Sonics has a great program of reverb impulse responses that can be edited to taste.  After a full day of mixing on Saturday, drums and their reverbs are printed.