Time to Mix it

Electric Guitars and Bass

Thu Jan 17, 2019

First up were the guitars. For the most part I’m using amp modeling plugins. I had already deciding what amp I wanted to use a long time ago. But now I’m carefully tweaking the amp settings to bring it up the sonic quality of my reference. Then I add EQ to attenuate or enhance. Then maybe add compression, mainly to add sustain where needed and beef up the sound. I’m also surrounding that guitar track with some ‘studio reverb’ to try to give the feeling of air movement around the amp.I got that done last week around Tuesday  I needed bass reference tracks next, I found some isolated bass tracks:  Paul McCartney playing A Little Help from Friend
Alice in Chains - Would
RHCP - Give it Away
The Who - Pinball Wizard
Wilton Felder playing bass on I Want You Back from the Jackson 5 
Each have different qualities. Paul’s scooped sound using a pick, Fleas big bright sound, or Felders rounded tone. I wrapped up the mixing of bass guitar by Wednesday.