Open Mic - Broadway Grill

Fri Mar 02, 2018

I haven't written about open mics for awhile. It's not that I haven't been attending, actually in the past month or two I've been to a number of them. Now that Diaspora has stopped performing I've got more time available so I've been working on new original songs and covers. Open mics give me a chance to work them out, or better put, forces me to practice and get it right.

Last night I traveled up the Jim Thorpe in Carbon county. Jim Thorpe is a great destination for biking, hiking, taking the train through the Lehigh Valley gorge, and finishing the day with a bite to eat and a cold beer. Evening there can be entertaining as well with venues like the Mauch Chuck Opera House and Penns Peak but don't miss the Broadway Grille and Pub in the center of town.

Each open mic has a unique vibe. Some open mics just stand out over others. Broadway is one of them. There's a relaxed and friendly atmosphere and fine local talent. But Broadway has something a little extra, it has a listening audience. That's not to say they're a quiet and focused group hanging on each word, rather it's a mix of talkers, groovers, and occassional dancers. Maybe it's the mix of vacationers just enjoying the night and locals who take advantage of some great music.

This is my third time at Broadway's open mic hosted by Josh Finsel. Josh does music in the traditional and modern folk, and some classic rock numbers. He's a large husky man, bearded and long hair, Actually, he looks a bit like Rubeus Hagrid. A small drum set is there with drummer on board to give some light beats as well as a bass.

I was first up and played a few songs. Been working on The Breaker Boys. This the first time playing it in 'the coal regions'. It got a good reception. I talked to a fellow local musician who has friends working at the mines up there and said he'd let them know about the song.

I didn't keep track of everyone playing but tonite there was some very good songs, some comedy, and good jamming which included a flute player.

I'll see you at the Broadway some time.