Open Mic Doubleheader

Hava Java and Art Quest

Thu Feb 22, 2018

I did a Open Mic doubleheader last night in the Lehigh Valley. I been recording a new song called The Breaker Boys, a rockin tune about living and dying in the coal region, and wanted to try it out. 

First stop, Hava Java on 19th St in Allentown. A small coffee shop, they've been doing open mics for quite awhile. I met some nice people people and got 4 tunes in. I got there at 7 and was able to head out by 9:15

Next up, Art Quest, at Steel Stacks, in Bethlehem. Billy Bauer hosts this one. Got there around 9:30. There's usually some listeners relaxing with a drink after a movie or other earlier event. I was last on the list to perform so most had left by time I started. Art Quest has a pro sound system. Usually always sounds good. There was a new person on the board tonite and she had me sounding well! Got 4 tunes in.

Billy approached me about being a featured artist there. Stay tuned...
 My Glass Head
The Breaker Boys
She Could Out Run Lightning
I Always Wanted to Be an Astronaut