Open Mic - Sarah Street Grill

Wed May 03, 2017

Tonite I’m again making my way north-east to the Poconos town of Stroudsburg to visit the Sarah Street Grill. I’ve got plenty to time to get there since signup starts at 9:15. It takes a little over an hour to get there but I’d like to get in town by 8:45. Last time i was here I noted some places that have acoustic music so I want to have time to drop off some promo first.

Sarah is found behind Main St. I almost missed it. On the tree lined Sarah St there’s a sign and a parking lot. The building is actually fronted on an alley at the end of this long parking lot. There must be a lot of people here. The parking lot if full of cars. On a Wednesday night.

Music was playing on the house PA over a sitting and standing group in lively conversation at the bar. Colored lights are flashing and moving on the floor. With guitar in hand I say hello to the host and find a bar stool off to the side, away from the activity.

The open mic host is setting up a mic stand on the stage. I introduce myself and he kindly added me to the sign up sheet. Third on the list.

Dinner still being served as the wait staff is still hustling to different areas of the building. The restaurant has got different sections. There’s a bar in the center facing a medium sized stage. They’ve got their own PA, flown speakers and a soundboard off the side. Stairs lead to a dinning room on the second floor. Where I’m sitting there’s also a section where folks are still eating dinner. An older man is working a sushi station and serving some fresh made creations to customers sitting in front of him. Meanwhile a kitchen staffer is honing knife skills, prepping potatoes for tomorrows menu. Lots of potatoes!

A girl started the night with a few acoustic numbers. She unfortunately broke a string after her second song. That can throw you off. But she recovered. She sang well.

I can’t recall who performed next. A man sat down next to me. Lining up four bottles and a small stack of clear plastic double-shot cups, he asked if I’d like to try some beer. Well, how can you refuse free beer! It’s the Yards Beer man! I’m a big fan of Yards. Their IPA ranks high on my list. He was there to promote his beer to the customers. We talked beer for a while and he moved on to others.

I got up next. The stage is fairly close to the bar. Somewhat noisy but making eye contact is fairly easy. To my right is tables and chairs. There’s quite a number of people here. Stage is well lit with some color change and movement. Someone here wants to give music a focus. My three song set went fine and the audience was attentive. Interestingly, the young woman who performed first watched intently on each song.

Afterwards, I struck up a lively conversation with a couple local guys who were both guitar players. They were very complimentary. It was getting late and I had an hour drive to get home. Time to go. I'll have to get up here again.

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