Featured Artist - Open Mic Night at the Sherman Theatre

Sun Apr 23, 2017

A rare opportunity! A half hour slot to play! This may have been the first time I could play this many original songs at one gig.

I arrived around 5:40 before door open to be able to do a soundcheck. I helped Bobby Jo get the stage set up for the night. I noticed there was no stage monitor. Not that that's a big deal but asked her about it and she said she had speakers but didn't know how to set it up. So we took a look the board and I gave her a quick tutorial. She was very appreciative.

The young locals were there again and a three piece band started the night with some good songs. One of the 'comedians' was there again doing his shtick. His time was spent with me talking to folks outside on the street.  

The sixth time slot is for the Feature Artist. Thoughtfully, Bobby Jo places them there for max exposure. I was feeling good, confident and relaxed. I've been doing these songs for a while now. Plus I had a new song. It's nice to play something new.

There's more possibilities available for Feature Artists with a possible audition for the actual theatre show opening slots. We'll see what happens next.

'Paparazzi' Paul, photographer and journalist, from The Fowardian Art Society wrote up an excellent post about the night. Please give a read by clicking the Facebook link below.

Drama Queen
Who Killed Gary Miller
Pillar of Salt
My Glass Head
Your Double Helix
She Could outrun Lightning
I Always Wanted to be an Astronaut