Open Mic - Mike's Tavern

Wed Mar 29, 2017

To the northeast valley of Reading
Under a clear dusky sky, I'm heading
To Mike's Tavern
It's a cozy city cavern
Hidden in an alley off 61
Got there before the open mic had begun

A row home bar with a few tables
On high shelves, old brown bottles with nostaglic labels
Weighed down by the dust of time

Bruce played a 12 string
He strummed that jangly thing
While performing Sultans of Swing

I took to the mic
with a few tunes to strike
Being a stranger, their attention I caught
with four songs on guitar
including I Always Wanted to be an Astronaut

Nine-fifteen, people are filing in
A young acolyte of Bob Dylan
sang above the din of the crowd
Which made them ever more loud

An older gentleman
Red shirt and leisure jacket
Got up among the racket
He seemed a quiet frendly fella
He blew harmonica and sang accapella

Next, a longhaired baritone pulled up a chair
and finger-picked the blues in the lively air
Then a two chord jammer joined by a bass player he did approve
with a mysterious djembe slipping midway into the groove

When he was done, thirty-five after ten
Gotta go to work again
Better pack it in