Open Mic - Burning Bridge Tavern

Wed Feb 15, 2017

It's Wednesday night. Diaspora isn't practicing tonight so I'm heading out for an open mic. This one will be a stretch on my self imposed travel limit, clocking in at an hour and five minutes.

The start time is 6:30 so I've got to get going right away. Michele is going along for the ride and we follow a star, Jupiter I think, southwest to Wrightsville just off of Route 30 on the western shores of the Susquehanna. Tonite its the Burning Bridge Tavern. It's a clear night and smooth sailing through Berks and Lancaster counties, past Columbia and over the bridge.

Wrightsville seemed like a fairly large town. As we drive towards the river we spot the tavern on the left and a parking lot on the right. It's a nice place. A large room, wood flooring, brick walls, and big tables. It's wings night and about 40 people are there.

They've got a nice PA installed with speakers overhead. This open mic has a host band and they're just about ready to go. The sign up was handy and I'm fifth on the list.

The band played new and old country and some folks were dancing to the tunes. Turns out the pedal steel player knows someone here in Hamburg. Another pedal steel player. Small world.

A young women with acoustic guitar started the night with some bluesy originals. After that it was Beatles night. The next three performers all did many Beatles songs. Everyone was able to do at least 4 songs.

The wing eaters had their fill and the audience was thinning out. Servers were beginning clean floors in front of the building.
Oh, to be the last performer of the night. Been here many times. That's OK.

I've been working on a bunch of unusual covers including Robyn Hitchcock - Egyptian Cream. This one will turn some heads.

Egyptian Cream - Robyn Hitchcock
Drama queen
Pillar of Salt