Open Mic - Telus 360 (Kinda)

Mon Feb 06, 2017

It's been a mild winter here in Berks county but tonite there was a bit of snow. I just passed Berkshire Mall on 222 and the road is a bit shiny. The temperature on my car dashboard is showing 31 degrees and red lights are pulsing in my windshield. Its black ice. Its slippery and traffic's slowing down.

I'm trying to get back out on the road for open mics again. I'm heading south to Lancaster city to a place called Telus360. Its a Monday open mic which is a bit rare. Their website is very active with lots of music and I saw they host WXPN nights with some touring acts. I was planning on getting there at 8:30 sign-up but it looks like I may not get there that quickly.

Once I get south of Shillington the road is dry and traffic is moving along. I make my way into Lancaster. Down Prince St and left onto King. Past the square and a couple blocks down and there its on the left. I found a parking spot on King just a block away. It's 8:40.

I decided to leave the guitar in the car and see what's happening. The front of the building is glass and it looks like a full house. Wow! People are here. Looks like a host band tonite rather than just a solo host. I open the door, turn left into the room and spot the sign up sheet. Full and I'm mean full. Bummer. With at least 15 people already on the list we're talking about waiting at least 3 hours and that means getting home after 12. I think I'll get a beer and check out the vibe of the place so I ordered a Scottish style red ale. Tasty.

The host band was a very good 4 piece jamming group.
The first performer got on stage with a vintage hollow body Guild electric and with the band backing him, he started with The Beatles - Do You Want to Know a Secret and played other early Fab Four tunes as well.

Taking the last sip of Ale I put on my coat and head back home. Next time I'll have to leave right after work and get down here early for sign-up.