Musikfest - Godfrey Daniels Best of Open Mic

Sun Aug 14, 2016

Great day today. The Godfrey Daniels Best of Open Mic was the opening act for the day at the Red Stag Pub Liederplatz of Muskfest and I get to perform.

Soul Folks started the day with a set of originals followed by Gordon Ward's selection of his songs.

While Gordon was performing I went behind the stage with my guitar to warm up and shake off any jitters. I was feeling good, not really nervous but this is a big stage with a large audience.
Dave Fry walked by looked me in the eye and passed on some words of wisdom..."Don't f**k up." ...and with a smile walked away. Well those are words I'll remember for a long time.

My 15 minutes of fame were up next. It was great. The PA system was top notch. When i sang or spoke the voice just carried crystal clear. I had time for three songs: two that I did at the audition plus another. So it was Drama Queen, My Glass Head and Pillar of Salt.

My pressings of My Glass Head/Double Helix on 7inch vinyl arrived and I had them ready for sale. The folks handling the merch table got a kick out of my record box and were a bit surprised when I opened it and they saw I actually had records for sale. During my set I made a pitch for them and I think I sold 7 copies that day. Very cool!

Katie Rubino finished the hour. The audience really liked her. It was a receptive crowd and everyone played well. By the way, I saw Dave again right after I was done. He liked it. I guess I did alright!