Godfrey Daniels Best of Open Mic Musikfest Auditions

Sun Jul 10, 2016

I got to Godfrey early for a change. I was the first musician there so I strapped on the guitar and warmed up with some scales. I had enough time to walk around the room and look at the vintage poster bills that hang on the walls dating as far back as 1978. The room was more open than usual. Only a couple tables were placed at the front of the stage. Positioned in the center were tables for judges equipped with forms and pencils lit by a familiar green glassed bankers lamp. Other artists started arriving a little after 6:30. There were familiar and new faces.

Tonight we pick tiles for performance slots and audition for Musikfest. Any number of artists were free to signup for the audition and it appears 11 have done so. Only 4 will be selected for the 10th year of Godfrey Daniels' Best of Open Mic. I picked an L and will be next to last to perform.

I don't like getting nervous or anxious about performing. I start thinking about things like did I practice enough and not making mistakes. I remind myself I've done these songs many times and I'll be fine. Just relax and do 'em. This is a very supporting group and that includes the artists as well. Of course you want to do well but this isn't auditioning for Simon Cowell.

There's good music tonight by young and old. Some, unfortunately started their performance by tuning up on stage or setup their sheet music. Tonight isn't the night for that. Especially since we were asked to pretend we're on stage at the event and playing for hundreds.

I'm gauging some performances by a crocheting factor. There's a woman here, a mother of a young girl, singer/songwriter, working on what looks like a small, colorful blanket. She didn't miss a beat on her loops as songs were done. But she'd stop and listen if a song really drew her in.

We took a break from performances after half were complete. A bit of socializing, and some water and a Vienna Finger cookie, and we were back.

I'm introduced and start up with Drama Queen. This is a small room and the acoustics are great. I thought the guitar sounded fine but then something clicked and sound really filled the room. Apparently the cord wasn't set in the guitar properly. That provided a smile and energy boost. I wrapped up with Pillar of Salt. Reception of both songs sounded good but I'll have to wait to see how the judges feel about it. As for crocheting mom, hopefully I caught her attention. I was unable to tell for sure as the stage lighting somewhat veils the eye.

The last performer left the stage and we were kindly and humorously asked to leave the building to let the judges make their decisions. I was still pumped up from playing and had to make sure I put the car on cruise control as to not get a speeding ticket.

Now I wait.