Open Mic - Bube's Brewery

Thu Apr 07, 2016

This was my second journey to Lancaster County. It was an overcast night. In the south I could see Lancaster city illuminating low hanging clouds. Then, working my way west on Route 283 I could smell the toasted grains from the Kelloggs cereal plant to my left as I passed through some short light rain showers. I know about the plant because my Dad helped build it back in 1978. Fifteen minutes later I arrive in Mount Joy to Bube's Brewery. It's pronounced "boobies".

Bube's is very unique. It's a late 1800's lager beer brewery which stopped production just prior to Prohibition in 1920 and some of the original beer making antiques are still there. The catacombs are there as well and now serve as romantic dinner rooms. This is a building of cement and cast iron and great place for a steampunk meet up.

Things were running very late. Open mic was scheduled to start at 9:00. The host and band didn't make in until just after but got it together and by 9:30 an act took the stage.

I must admit I'm increasingly getting more aware of my age. Everyone is in their 20s and I could be their Dad. I did grab their attention with my songs and I've started to promote the 7inch now. I need to work on my sales pitch but I think I could have sold a couple that night. The bar manager ask me if I wanted to book a solo gig as well. That's another thing I need to get together, a full show.

Drama Queen
My Glass Head
She Could Outrun Lightning
Pillar of Salt