Open Mic - Rabbit and Dragonfly

Tue Mar 29, 2016

Spring has arrived. Its warmer and greener. Today I headed south to Lancaster county, to The Rabbit and Dragonfly for an open mic. The 222 corridor between Reading and Lancaster was busy but moving along at a steady pace. I was able to get into town and a parking garage quickly.

The Rabbit is located in the center of Lancaster, tucked inside a thin side street between Prince and Queen. Its a spacious yet comfortable place. Lord of the Rings fans will love the decorations and references to JRR Tolkien. Knowing the secret password I as able to order up a hazelnut cappuccino and get 10% off.

The open mic started at 6:30. I made it in before the sign up sheet was offered. Being the new guy in town I was volunteered to go first.

Acts moved along quickly as some only did one song or two short numbers. A highlight for the evening was a young guy who did a robot dance routine. Very fascinating to watch.

In a first for me, all that signed up had performed and I was asked to play another song. Many thanks to the host!

The Rabbit and Dragonfly is a listening room. While there was a bit of talking in the farther end of the room the audience was attentive and quiet while others performed. I'll be returning again.

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