My Glass Head / Your Double Helix 7" Vinyl

My First Official Release of Music in Years

Sat Mar 05, 2016

It's gotta be vinyl!

I grew up on vinyl. The first 45s I can remember buying were Elton John/Crocodile Rock and The Who/Pinball Wizard. The first Album I bought was Three Dog Night / Around the World Live. This was around 1973.

When I was in my twenties I took art lessons. My teacher was a retired college art professor. She used to say how art was more tangible, something you can hold and look at while music was not and didn't hold the same type of value.

When I look at digital music mediums I think she was right. At least with vinyl it is true a physical product.

I wrote My Glass Head quite a few year ago. While placing most focus on family and career I still was still recording ideas and jotting down lyric snippets. My wife bought me a glass head after some hints of how it would look cool in my music room and I thought about what I could do with it, to decorate it. This started a song idea. I played the song to a few people and they'd ask if the song was about me. I'd laugh and say it was about my glass head but maybe they were right.

When I look back, this really was the start of my refocus on writing music again. I'm sure songwriters and artists look back at certain works in their lives as a point where something changed, a new land was chosen to explore, and a creatve journey was charted. This is what My Glass Head is for me.

Your Double Helix was written more recently. In a round about way this is a love song from Edward Leedskalnin to his 'sweet sixteen'. Edward was a solitary and ingenuous man of mystery and magnetism. It's a microscopic look at what makes our life and the after-life worth exploring.