Open Mic - Godfrey Daniels

Sun Feb 21, 2016

I misjudged the travel time and arrived late, around 7:10. The tiles were cast which meant I'd be the last performer. Perhaps this was pay back for being first the last time I was here. Tonight I'm an audience member.

Godfrey Daniels does not disappoint but unfortunately I forgot to takes notes while I was there so I've got to go by memory on this one.

Pat Foran was there. His first time at Godfrey's. Pat invited me to perform at a showcase last year in New Hope. Pat sounded great and the audience responded well. A college student came up a did a song I think was entitled 'Radial Left Wing Politics'. A no holds barred commentary on the liberal mindset, all done in fun.
Another young-twentier came up with a pineapple shape uke and performed a song I think he called 'Bigfoot and the Bride'. A lively and funny bit. Dave Fry performed two songs he was getting ready for taping on Channel 69 TV in the morning. He had to edit the songs to fit within a couple two minute time slots.

By 10:30, most had left. Luckly, I cashed in my wooden nickel for a cup of coffee earlier and was still ready to go.
I did 'I Think I Saw an Angel'. I don't think I've performed this one live before. It's a quiet story telling song. It's wordy and you gotta stay with me as the words move by quickly. Since the room was getting empty it was a good time to try it.

Flowers and Rainbows
I Think I Saw an Angel