Open Mic - Hava Java

Fri Feb 19, 2016

This Friday night Michele & I took a drive to Allentown to visit Hava Java. The coffeeshop was featured in a series of articles on open mic's in Allentown's Morning Call newspaper so it's been on my list. Hava Java is located across the street from the Civic Theatre of Allentown. Its a very small room. Maybe a little larger than a living room in a typical city row home. It's a colorful place with ceramic coffee cups hanging from exposed red rafters. Tables and chairs are tightly packed with little room to maneuver a guitar case.

We arrived as things were progressing. The place was packed with around 10 people. Nearly standing room only. The sign-up sheet was light so getting on the floor wouldn't take long. We ordered up some coffee and hot-chocolate and split a biscotti.

We sat next to a man reading a book. A friendly guy, he struck up a conversation. His book was about the PA Dutch art of egg scratching done by his mother and wife.

There is always interesting entertainment at open mics and this night was no different. There was a rapper trying out some material. Next, an older gentlemen got up and sang some French songs, acapella. Next up, a duo, and older man on guitar and a young guy on keyboard. The keyboard didn't work due to dead batteries. I can only describe their music as Irish folk rap. This was followed by a live electronica set via a laptop and Ableton midi pad. Unfortunately, it seems this person was learning on the fly as we spent about 10 minutes listening to random sounds and beats with no coherent direction.

I got up and did three songs.

Finishing out the night was a college aged comedian from New Jersey. He could play the audience and was pretty funny.

Drama Queen
She Could Outrun Lightning
Flowers and Rainbows