Open Mic - Godrey Daniels and The Wooden Match

Sun Jan 17, 2016

Tonight was unusual. My plan was to go to Godfrey Daniels' open mic but first visit a few local restaurant/bars that have local music and drop off some band info for Diaspora. One of those was The Wooden Match in Bethlehem. Turns out The Wooden Match also was doing an open mic. So tonight the challenge was doing both. The latter being a pseudo audition for the cover band.

David Bowie past away this week. I thought I'd do a song in tribute and do Life on Mars. If you know the song, you know its a piano song with many chord changes. I arranged it so there is finger picking and strumming, trying to mimic some of the piano. I worked on this on and off a year ago but never actually tried it live.

Life on Mars is a big dramatic tune. I decided to follow up with Lady MacBeth Died of a Broken Heart. It has some similar musical as Life on Mars. The song centers around the idea that each one of us may get into bad situations or we bring trouble upon ourselves.
Its a reminder that, regardless, when things are at its worst, God is always there to love us unconditionally. You can read the lyrics here.

Godfrey's had a large group of players tonight. I had the 'luck' of pulling the blank tile, which means I was the first performer after the featured host. That was a bit uncomfortable. It's nice to just relax for a while and listen and get in the zone before playing but someone's gotta be first. I fumbled a bit with both songs but overall I think they sounded alright. Got a good reaction, of course with the Bowie song.

In a previous Godfrey post I mentioned a songwriter I've seen a couple times now and wanted to pass along a name. His name is Sam Steffen. As I mentioned before, Sam is writing Dylanesque/Guthurie inspired. Great songs. Turns out he's also got a website at Check out Sam's material.

Life on Mars - David Bowie
Lady MacBeth Died of a Broken Heart

Since I picked the first tile I was able to leave earlier. My plan was to run over to the Wooden Match, perform there and return to see Sam. Unfortunately, things ran late and didn't get back in time.

The Wooden Match is a restaurant/cigar bar on the north side of the Lehigh river below the two bridges that get you to the south side of Bethlehem.

It was a young talkative bearded crowd. Not that Godfrey's doesn't have beards its just that most of the beards there are gray. I'd say mostly modest Full Beards. No Designer Beards, Lumberjacks or Klingon. Just to clarify I saw no bearded women.

They've got a nice selection of craft drafts. I ordered a Spaten Doublebock. I don't normally see Munich beers on tap. Very good.
I got there mid-way into the evening. It was a short list of performers. Turned out I'd be the last performer. I thought I'd go on fairly soon being 6th on the list and the 4th on stage. Turned out to be longer than I expected as performers were able to do 4, even more songs.

Hopefully I passed the audition for Diaspora and you'll see us there, outdoor on the patio.

Drama Queen
Life on Mars - David Bowie
Home - Phillip Phillips
Who Killed Gary Miller