Recording and Mixing Vocals


Tue Dec 01, 2015

If you're like me you search the web for tricks, tips, and any bit of knowledge to help with all things recording and mixing. I'm going to spend some time explaining what I've learned, and how I've been working with vocals.

I'm a DIY home recording enthusiast. Pro studios certainly have great equipment and will probably always have a better sonic product. I can live with that. I would consider myself pretty good at music production and the amount of money required for me to record music the way I'd like in a pro studio could be invested in my own studio. I've only got so much to work with so I try to understand and maximize what I have.

I've been recording and mixing some vocals tracks and I think I'm starting to develop a procedure on how to do it. One thing I'm discovering is it's a lengthy process. Sure would be great if I could just walk in somewhere, sing, and let someone handle it but then it wouldn't be DIY. Let's get started.

I'll be returning this page to update the index on the subject.

Microphone and Preamp
The Room and Initial Mic Positioning
Mic Positioning
Recording Signal Level