Open Mic - SteelStacks

Thu Nov 05, 2015

Diaspora's had some time off from a busy schedule so I'm getting out to some open mics.

Signed up as the last performer and settled in for a long evening with a Dogfish Head 60 Minute. My hearing is not the best and the room has a large amount of reverb so its tough for me to make out lyrics of the other performers. However, once I got behind a monitor to do a few songs the reverb sounded great and I played with it.

At the end of the night I spoke with Pat Foran. Pat's from the New Hope area. I've seen him at SteelStacks before. He's got some good songs. Tight rhythms and song structure. He hosts a showcase at Havana's in New Hope and graciously offered a spot for me. I'll be there New Years eve, eve, Tuesday December 29th. Thanks Pat!

Drama Queen
She Could Outrun Lightning
Your Double Helix