A great evening at SteelStacks

Fri Jun 20, 2014

I made a last minute decision to take a drive out to SteelStacks, in Bethlemhem, for an open mic. During the summer open mics are scheduled to start at 9pm.

This was my first visit to the SteelStacks grounds. Its quite impressive. When I arrived the parking lot was nearly full. There were large crowds gathered. I was thinking this is going one big audience for open mic! What I discovered was large screen TVs broadcasting the World Cup match of Greece and Japan. Now I understood why all the blue t-shirts and dresses.

After the game a band performed on the outdoor stage. I can best describe them as a Greek/jazz band. They were very good. I never did catch their name. They went long and didn't wrap up until nearly 10pm but I was able to sip a delicious Troegs, Troegenator Double Bock while I waited. The large Greek soccer fanbase cleared out pretty quickly, leaving a few small gatherings and us attention starved musicians.

The open mic was held outside as well on a small stage across the street from the larger stage. Once again, very impressive stage area and sound system. Time was running short so each player was allotted two songs. I performed Drama Queen and Flowers and Rainbows. Both songs went well. It was a pleasure of be able to hear myself clearly in a stage monitor. I think I'm finally getting more comfortable performing these two songs and performing solo as well.

I'll be visiting SteelStacks again for open mic.