Randall Hamlin is a singer-songwriter and guitarist from Hamburg, PA. He writes alternative-rock and psych folk. His lyrical styles include surreal story telling with elements of physics, space, and time as well as softer, more introspective, and sometimes funny observations of everyday life.

In the late 80's Randall formed the neo-psychedelic band The Paisley Gray. A full length cassette was released and the band performed in the South-Eastern Pennsylvania area. On New Years Eve in 1991, the band performed live on the Dr. Tom show at WFMU, East Orange, New Jersey, Shortly afterwards the band stopped touring as members began to focus on careers and family.

He also released a solo project called Mood Swings in 1991. A collection of experimental music, noise, and ambience. The Bethlehem based MAPP magazine described it as "the most clever piece of original composition ever heard from an unsigned band".

Randall continues to write and record at home. In 2016 he released a 7 inch vinyl record of two songs, My Glass Head and Your Double Helix. The first in a series of vinyl releases.